New Patient Forms

Filling out the following forms and bringing them to first visit will save time at the office, maximize your time with the provider, and help us stay on schedule. All new patients need to complete the New Patient Forms.

Patient Records Release

So that we will have more complete medical history, new patients should complete the Medical Records Release and send to your current healthcare facility. Contact them to find out where to send the form.  Fax the completed form to TLC at 877-673-1592. We will review the form for accuracy and transmit the form to your current provider. If your provider is someone other than Centura, please provide the fax number of the provider who has the records to the “To” field on the form.

Patient Forms

Fitness Forms

These forms are only needed for fitness clients.

Other Patient Forms

Optional forms. You do not need to complete these unless specifically requested to do so.

The Bredesen Protocol™ - Dawn of the Era of Treatable Alzheimer's

The first step is to sign up for the program. This is the page with signup information:

On the signup page, click "HOW TO PARTICIPATE". That will open up an email. Send your contact information. Bredesen's office will contact you to discuss participation. Alternatively, send an email to with the subject line "How does one participate in The Bredesen Protocol?"

Once you have gone through the initial onboarding with Bredesen and are ready for an appointment with Dr Hopp, call our office to schedule.  Please complete the following forms and bring them with you. These forms are only needed for patients on the Bredeson Protocol. The New Patient Form here is identical to the New Patient Form above. You only need to fill out one of them.